Provider Incident Management Support Officer

Location Staffordshire
Salary £13 - £15 per hour
1. Proactive weekly calls to range of care settings who do not currently have an incident of COVID, 19 to ensure they are working in accordance with current national guidance and engaging on a range of focussed topics to further support the COVID response.
2. Completing an initial Single Risk Assessment upon identification of a COVID 19 Incident in an adult care setting – advising of control measures / actions required, providing information & advice, referring to appropriate partners for support, assigning a risk rating and escalating services of concern, as appropriate.
3. Reviewing Single Risk Assessments for on-going incidents.
4. Supporting adult care settings in respect of a range of COVID-19 queries i.e. guidance and pilots/initiatives, including but not limited to Testing, Personal Protective Equipment and Vaccinations.