Practice Supervisor - Childrens Social Work

Location Derbyshire
Salary £36 - £37.20 per hour
  • Experienced at creating rapport and building effective relationships with families, to enable flexible and thoughtful social work practice and affect positive change in the lives of children and families.
  • Extensive experience of carrying out assessments on risks to children, effectively using genograms, chronologies and evidence based tools and engaging and involving children and families throughout.
  • Ability to evidence professionalism through a respectful approach to families and professional partners and wider attitudes and behaviour.
  • Experience of drawing on research results and theory and applying these with consideration and affect to assist with assessment, decision making and planning. Application form Application form & interview Skills and knowledge
  • Clear understanding of the role of social work (and the contribution of different professional disciplines) to help strengthen families, identify risks and provide appropriate, evidence based interventions whilst maintaining clear focus on the welfare of the child.
  • Knowledge and understanding of child development, parenting capacity, environmental factors and risk and protective factors and ability to apply this knowledge when fulfilling statutory case responsibilities.
  • Awareness of the impact of factors such as adult mental ill-health, substance misuse and domestic Project management Application form, interview and may be subject to practical demonstration via presentation or comparable measure violence have on the family network.
  • Ability to recognise concerning adult behaviours, identify the risks these may (or may not) pose and employ appropriate interventions, all the while ensuring child protection remains the primary focus.
  • Be adept at recognising and acting on a wide range of risk indicators which suggest that children may be in a situation of potential or actual harm.
  • Have an understanding of the concept of “good enough” parenting within (an often complex) family context, being sensitive to the wide ranging social and historic factors which can impact on how a family functions.
  • Ability to summarise, analyse and evaluate complex information (particularly with relation to risk) and consider multiple hypotheses and the link between opinion and fact, to reach a conclusion.
  • Skilled and evaluating seriousness of current and potential risks. Design realistic plans which balance these risks with solutions and family strengths, making appropriate use of professional network. Confident to respond with urgency when required.
  • Knowledge of family justice system, interplay with statutory frameworks, guidance and procedures in children’s social work and an understanding of the role of social workers play across all parts of the practice system.
  • Understanding of the national and local context in which social workers operate, the importance of meeting statutory requirements and of reputation management across the profession (including courts).
  • Ability to lead, by establishing and maintaining effective relationships to engage and motivate peers and families.
  • Ability to maintain an overview of, and accountability for, the work of a social work team. Personal Effectiveness
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to engage and motivate while delivering difficult messages clearly (and with sensitivity) to children, families and within the professional network in order to successfully support children and families.
  • Attuned to identifying reluctance to change or short term compliance without full investment in change. Skills to identify parent goals and foster motivation.
  • Ability to manage competing priorities and interests of professionals and families while ensuring the child’s interests remain paramount.
  • Awareness of the impact that personal beliefs and values have on practice.
  • Computer literacy and the skills necessary to work with information management systems and produce good quality data in a variety of formats.
  • Committed to enabling and developing others to be excellent social work practitioners.
  • Committed to the principles of strength based Social Work.