Panel Advisor-Fostering

Location Bedford
Salary £36.00 - £40.10 per hour
1. To manage the Council’s Fostering Panel in order that fostering work is
coordinated effectively within legal requirements and policies determined by the
Senior Leadership Team.
2. To act as an advisor to Children’s Services staff and other stakeholders on
fostering matters, including matters relating to regulations, minimum standards
and good practice issues.
1. To organise and monitor effectively the work of the Fostering Panel to meet the
needs of children and foster carers across the Council areas, including taking
responsibility for managing the agendas and prioritising cases.
2. To organise, and provide directly, training for panel members, in order to ensure
up to date knowledge of regulations, guidance and research.
3. To provide professional advice, training, monitoring to social care staff so that
they can deliver services of high quality and achieve optimum potential for service
users in relation to fostering practice and process.
4. To maintain and creatively develop services in response to identified needs.
5. To provide, maintain and analyse management information and assist with
developing strategic plans, services and resources for children and families.
6. To implement quality assurance methods to monitor and improve service and
professional reports, with reference to Regulations, National Minimum Standards,
Statutory Guidance and Performance Indicators.
7. To provide detailed reports on the work of the Fostering Service to the Senior
Leadership Team and Elected Members.
8. To contribute to the development of overall quality assurance systems, including
work with the Child Care and Review Teams.
9. To respond to changes in standards and legislation and to take a leading role in
the revision of policies, operational instructions/procedures and practice guidance,
including liaison with Sector bodies such as the Fostering Network, BAAF and