Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Location Calderdale
Salary £27 - £30 per hour
1. To assess the need for and arrange provisions of equipment and adaptations in the homes of disabled children.
2. To make recommendations to the Housing & Community Support Accessible Homes Agency on the most appropriate adaptations required to meet an individual child’s needs.
3. To carry out manual handling assessments and to instruct parents and carers on the use of manual handling equipment and techniques.
4. To provide an advisory service to other staff within Children & Young Peoples Services who work with children on all matters relating to the provision of equipment and adaptations for disabled children.

5. To advise OT store personnel on the range of equipment to be maintained for children.
6. To maintain appropriate records with regard to service user caseload.
7. To liase with staff at the Accessible Homes Agency and other specialist suppliers.
8. To undertake joint site visits with staff of the Adaptations Agency and other Specialist suppliers.
9. To prepare comprehensive reports as required for the Accessible Homes Agency or private architectural companies.
10. To set up and provide ongoing maintenance of specialist equipment.
11. To assist in the development of the role of Paediatric OT within a multi-disciplinary team.
12. To work with colleagues in developing a multi-disciplinary approach to assessment and care management.
13. To contribute to the Calderdale NHS Trust Paediatric Therapy meetings.
14. To be aware of current developments in the area of equipment and adaptations and to take part in appropriate in service training organised by both Children and Young People's Services and NHS Calderdale.
15. To attend reviews and other appropriate meetings in respect of individual children.
16. To comply with the Council’s policies including Health and Safety Equal Opportunities.