Outreach Family Support Worker

Location Liverpool, Liverpool, England
Salary £13 - £15 per hour
Taking whole case responsibility to provide high quality, outreach and home based Early Help support to children and families using a ‘whole family’ approach (level 2 and 3) Delivering targeted support to children across age ranges (0 -25*) and their families in order to prevent the need for statutory services and to ensure families access Universal services *Between ages 19-25 relates only to Adults where the SEND Code of Practice is applicable

1. Act as case holders for complex cases that step down from children’s social care (level 3/2). This will involve completing early help assessments, arranging Team Around the Family meetings and supporting families to improve outcomes for their children by taking on the role of the Lead Professional and associated tasks.

2. Offer support on cases that become more complex and reach level

3. Support is continued on these cases to allow a smooth transition between early help and social care.

4. Provide intensive and targeted support to vulnerable children and young people. This includes bespoke packages and programmes. This also includes supporting adolescents with complex emotional and mental health problems.

5.Formulate Team Around the Family plans that reduce risk and need. Take the lead for the coordination of professionals and services to implement the plan and take the lead for reviewing the plan at the required timescales.

6. Use de-escalation methods to reduce challenging behaviour from adults and children and young people in families.

7. OFSW’s will align their work to the Signs of Safety (SOS) model – which is underpinned by solution focused methods promoting a whole family approach and use the Family Outcomes Star (or similar) to gauge and demonstrate progress towards positive outcomes.