Occupational Therapist (Grade 8)

Location Liverpool
Salary £24.55 - £26.65 per hour
This is a placement for up to 6 months to cover maternity leave within the service. Please be aware that Liverpool City Council's overtime rates have changed to be aligned with what a permanent Liverpool City Council employee is entitled to. If a candidate works under 37 hours in a week, then please do not submit the hours using overtime rates. Please submit these hours using the regular rate. If the workers' pay rate is under the SCP22 cap (£14.82), then please submit their overtime hours using the standard Saturday Overtime & Sunday Overtime rate types (if they have worked over 37 hours). If the workers' pay rate is over the SCP22 cap (£14.82), then please submit their overtime hours using the Saturday Overtime (Capped Rate SCP22) & Sunday Overtime (Capped Rate SCP22). All hours up to 37 in any one week will be paid at plain time. All hours above 37 in any one week will be paid at time and a half (double time on Sunday). For part time staff, overtime worked on Saturday or Sunday will attract the appropriate weekend enhancement after the first 2 hours which will be paid at plain time.


  • To manage a caseload of children with varied and complex needs, providing assessment and intervention for children at home, and in nurseries and schools, using the occupational therapy process.
  • To use the Care Aims Framework to inform decision-making and service delivery.
  • To work independently in a community, educational or clinical setting with an assigned caseload.
  • To engage children in a range of therapeutic activities to support them in working towards defined goals in order to promote independence and inclusion.
  • To continually assess and adjust own clinical intervention based on the fluctuating needs of the child to ensure appropriate therapeutic intervention.
  • To implement a prescribed programme of individual/group therapeutic activities at home, nursery/school, community and clinic settings following an assessment.
  • To work autonomously in OT assessment and be responsible for planning, selecting, carrying out and evaluating interventions within agreed priorities.
  • To give appropriate instruction, information and education to the child and parents/carers and school/nursery staff to enable them to carry out prescribed programmes of therapeutic input and support them in achieving identified goals.
  • To assess and demonstrate the use of equipment to promote independence in activities of daily living for children and their parents/carers/school staff.
  • To carry out risk assessments of the setting and equipment in use whilst delivering therapeutic activities.
  • To conduct specific non-standardised and standardised paediatric assessments where appropriate. To analyse this data and collate with information from other sources to plan treatment appropriately.
  • To produce timely and informative reports for families/carers and for other professionals across a wide range of agencies, making relevant recommendations regarding the child’s functional skills and/or provision of specialist equipment and/or adaptations.

  • To assess and arrange for provision of equipment in the home, nursery, schools and short break settings.
  • To provide timely assessments and recommendations for minor or major adaptations to the homes of disabled children to improve their independence skills and enable families to care for their child safely and effectively.

  • To delegate work to the Occupational Therapy Assistants and Occupational Therapy Support Assistants.

  • To supervise Occupational Therapy Assistants and provide peer support.


General duties and responsibilities:


  • To communicate effectively in a variety of ways with the child/carer to gain understanding of the child’s needs and consent with treatment programmes; this may include children with sensory, cognitive, learning and language difficulties.
  • To establish therapeutic relationships with children, parents and carers using negotiating and reasoning skills in order to carry out therapeutic activities.
  • To communicate relevant information to the Team Around the Child and Team Around the Family model of multi-agency working and to encourage partnership working with children, young people and their families.
  • To provide support and empathy to children and carers in dealing with grief, changing roles and abilities.
            To comply with City Council policies and procedures.
  • To work within local guidelines, procedures and protocols of the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service, service.
  • To respect the individuality, values, cultural and religious diversity of the child/carers and contribute to the provision of a service sensitive to these needs.