Occupational Therapist - Adults-Disability

Location Devon
Salary £28.00 - £30.50 per hour
Use of Occupational Therapy (OT) philosophy and the delivery of interventions focussing on promoting independence by supporting individuals to maximise their occupational performance in the activities that are important to them. Use of OT core skills, including activity analysis, understanding the impact of disability and the environment on independence and knowledge of adaptive solutions to reduce dependence. Working across all areas of Social Care and health responsibility and delivering a range of interventions including; information, advice, safeguarding and full case management as well as environmental adaptation, equipment provision and the use of a reabling approach. Working as full members of the Team, Community Occupational Therapists are responsible for providing a person-centred service through specialist clinical assessment within the context of Social Care and Health policy and legislation. The post involves leading on cases to support individuals with complex needs and lone working in a variety of settings. The work will include screening and assessment roles, both face to face and over the telephone, involving clinical Occupational therapy skills and specialised therapy work. It will include providing support, advice and training as applicable to a range of staff including non-professionally registered workers, students (including OT and Social Work) and other professionals as well as to junior (Band 5) Occupational Therapy staff. Extended Services (Saturday working) has been introduced for some roles/settings to ensure facilitation of hospital discharges on a Saturday and bring forward and expedite discharges or prevent admission.