Occupational Therapist

Location Kensington & Chelsea
Salary £23 - £25 per hour
1 To be responsible for and manage a caseload, ensuring casework is carried out in an appropriate and timely fashion.

2 To assess and advise service users on all aspects of their daily life, under the 1970 Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act, the 1986 Disabled Persons (Services, Consultation and representation) Act, the 1989 Children Act, the 1990 National Health Service and Community Care Act, the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act and the 1996 Housing, Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act.

3 To advise on methods of overcoming problems of daily living by using new techniques e.g. to assist with dressing, bathing, cooking, involving carers/family where appropriate.

4 To adjust the environment to suit the service user’s needs by recommending and ordering appropriate and cost effective equipment and/or minor adaptations to the home, in accordance with relevant Occupational Therapy policies and procedures.

5 To demonstrate and instruct the service user ands his/her family and carers in the correct use and maintenance of equipment and adaptations provided.

6 To take part in the Occupational Therapy Duty System.

7 To ensure that any recommendations are implemented by liaising with the relevant departments as necessary.

8 To liaise with health, social service and voluntary sector colleagues and other relevant agencies in order to provide continuity of care.

9 To work in partnership with voluntary and statutory agencies and ensure that the service user has all the relevant information and support services.

10 To make written recommendations in respect of special housing needs and to advise service users as to the suitability of housing offers in relation to their disability.

11 To adhere to deadlines for carrying out work.

12 To liaise with the Department of Environmental Health and external agencies with regard to the provision of Disabled Facilities Grants.

13 To supervise Occupational Therapy Assistants and Occupational Therapy Students as required, keeping line manager informed.