Independent Reviewing Officer - Social Work

Location Shropshire
Salary £32 - £39.08 per hour
You will carry out your work to the standards set in the relevant professional and national objectives.
Shropshire has established an Independent Review Unit. This unit plays an important function in independently reviewing plans for children, whether in need of Protection Services, looked after by the Local Authority or section 20, Children Act Short Breaks (Disabled Children)
The post holder will share responsibilities for chairing Child Protection Conferences and the Statutory Reviews of children who are Looked After by the Shropshire Council and to significantly contribute to quality assurance measures to promote service improvements, and monitor compliance to practice standards.

This is a demanding post requiring extensive experience, operational and managerial skills. The Adoption and Children Act 2002 and the Review of Children’s Cases (Amendment England) 2004 outline the role and expectations of the post holder, who “must be a registered social worker and have significant social work experience…with equivalent status within their host organisation to an experienced social work team manager.”