Independent Reviewing Officer - Social Work

Location Stoke-on-Trent
Salary £37 - £39.10 per hour
To perform the roles and responsibilities of the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) as outlined in the Children and Young Person’s Act (2008), IRO Handbook (2010) and Care Planning Regulations (2010 and 2015) and Fostering (Miscellaneous Amendments) (England) Regulations (2015) and the Adoption Act 2002.
To be responsible in the role of IRO for providing a service to children in care and as part of that service to monitor a child’s case on an ongoing and consistent basis including escalating any issues of concern both informally and formally so that they are resolved in a manner which promotes a child’s rights and welfare. As IRO you must understand the responsibility placed on you to appropriately challenge all levels in the authority where you consider a child’s plan is being delayed or impacted on for any reasonable. This should be done proportionately but if necessary it can be through referral to CAFCASS
To work with the Conference and Review Manager and the Strategic Manager of the service in the development and monitoring of quality standards for Children in Care. To highlight any themes or deficits in services provided by the Local Authority, or in services to child/parents/carers provided by external providers through use of the dispute resolution process.
To ensure that the care plan/pathway plan for every child reflects a child’s needs and the actions are consistent with Stoke-on-Trent’s legal responsibilities towards the child.
To ensure that the care plan is delivered in a timely manner.
To provide advice and consultation to internal and external partner agencies in relation to children in care.
To chair statutory reviews using the Signs of Safety model/Signs of Success.
To contribute to a coherent picture of the authorities practice by undertaking a collaborative monthly file audit.
To ensure the voice of the child and family is understood and reflected in the process.