Independent Reviewing Officer Looked After Children Safeguarding

Location Wirral
Salary £31.64 - £33.84 per hour
1. Ensure that the planning arrangements for Looked After Children are of the highest quality and in accordance with guidance and regulations as set out in the Children’s Act 1989, Independent Reviewing Officer’s Regulations and Guidance 2004; and Working Together 2013.
2. Organise, co-ordinate and manage Looked After Children Reviews and Child Protection Conferences as required; and act as a Chairperson and Advisor to such Reviews and Conferences.
3. Assist the Service Manager in preparing reports, offering advice and maintaining information or performance targets for children on Child Protection Plans, Looked After Children and Pathway Plans.
4. Assist the Service Manager and be responsible for managing Multiple Abuse Enquiries which arise and cross authority boundaries.
5. Issue/invoke statutory dispute resolution procedures and act on behalf of children where services/plans are in breach of The Human Rights Act. To progress to judicial review when these procedures fail.
6. Ensure compliance with statutory guidance and regulations on care planning for children through the review process. Set and monitor that actions and recommendations from reviews and child protection conferences are met, engaging with Team and Group Managers when they are not in order to achieve good long term outcomes for children.
7. Assist the Service Manager in Quality Assurance matters / Case File Audits.