Independent Reviewing Officer and Child Protection Chair

Location Isle of Wight
Salary £26.00 - £28.50 per hour

1. To help implement and embed revised approach to Child Protection Conferencing, which ensures that the outline plans captures and harnesses the family strengths alongside key risk factors.
2. To explore and practice innovative mechanisms to ensure the views of children and young people are heard in CP and LAC reviews.
3. To chair multi agency looked after children reviews, child protection conferences, as required. To provide specialist consultation and quality assurance to continually improve social work practice and outcomes for children.
4. To be responsible for decision making at conferences and reviews ensuring there is a framework for reviewing compliance with plans made.
5. To ensure that all plans are child centred, outcome focused. Ensure that plans capture the strength and resilience factors of the child and family, alongside risk and challenge.
6. To build and maintain relationships with key partners to improve outcomes for children.
7. To ensure that all reviews of looked after children and child protection conferences are held within statutory timescales and to an appropriate standard, quality and effectiveness.
8. To monitor performance to ensure that the views of the child are understood and taken into account and to monitor the performance and activity of the local authority in their role as corporate parents.
Major Tasks
1. Promote equality as an integral part of a role and treat everyone with fairness and dignity.
2. To develop and maintain a generic skill set that allows the Isle of Wight Council to employ your skills, abilities and experience across the Council and its formal partnerships as needed
3. To discharge the relevant duties to the role as set out in the IRO handbook, regulations and Working Together 2013.
4. To complete child focused and concise minutes with statutory timescales and to a high standard.
5. To participate in the Safeguarding Unit’s auditing schedule.
6. To quality assure written reports provided for Child Protection Conferences and Looked After Children Reviews.
7. To chair reviews and conferences effectively, ensuring that all participants from all agencies involved in cases, have an opportunity to raise concerns, risks and issues.
8. To ensure that conflict resolution, safeguarding alerts and practice alerts are raised where appropriate to the case.
9. To enable the child to have a voice in proceedings, meeting beforehand to discuss with them the issues they want to or want to have raised.
10. To ensure that parents have an opportunity to make their views known during the course of the meeting and are clear about any recommendations, actions and plans that are made involving them and their family.
11. To bring those meetings to a close summarising the position reached and making any decision clearly, and requesting all actions from professionals as appropriate.
12. To make decisions to defer the meeting when there is insufficient information on which to make a decision.
13. To ensure that dates for subsequent meetings fit within the statutory timescales for conferences and reviews.
14. To provide information to help form a view about practice across the authority so that safeguarding concerns, risks and issues are addressed and improvements made.
15. To be part of the duty system so that all issues are dealt with in a timely way and conferences can be organised within speedy timescales.
16. To chair conflict resolution meetings involving families and professionals where required.