Independent Living Assessor

Salary £13 per hour
  • To provide timely and responsive assessments, re-assessments and/or reviews delivering personalised care to support users and carers with non-complex needs to shape their own lives, encouraging maximum independence and safety.
  • To assess, according to the agreed eligibility criteria and organise the equipment, adaptations and services required in a safe, timely and effective manner
  • To develop an understanding of a variety of methods of overcoming and managing problems of daily living (using alternative techniques, arranging equipment, equipment trials, minor adaptations, home care services, re-ablement, direct payments) and be able to advise (and as relevant demonstrate to) clients,  relatives and carers on their application, suitability and safe usage
  • To undertake placements within the different disciplines within the assessment services and participate in their duty service.
  • To involve users and carers in the monitoring and evaluation of the service.
  • To liaise effectively and work in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations and any other relevant agencie
  • To recognise when there is a need for either the input of, or a case referral to an appropriately qualified health or social care professional.
  • To be conversant and act in accordance with:-
    • Relevant legislation (e.g. Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970, National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990, Data Protection Act 1988)
    • Departmental standards (including COT Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice GSCC Code of Practice)
    • RBKC and ASC policies and procedures (e.g. Safeguarding, Case Recording, Case File Management, Data Recording Requirements, Health and Safety, Lone Working )
    • Local and National Change Initiatives (e.g. Personalisation Programme, Intergrated Care Pilot)