Independent Living Assessor

Location North West London
Salary £12 - £13.50 per hour
1 To provide timely and responsive assessments, re-assessments and/or reviews delivering personalised care to support users and carers with non-complex needs to shape their own lives, encouraging maximum independence and safety.
2 To assess, according to the agreed eligibility criteria and organise the equipment, adaptations and services required in a safe, timely and effective manner.
3 To develop an understanding of a variety of methods of overcoming and managing problems of daily living (using alternative techniques, arranging equipment, equipment trials, minor adaptations, home care services, re-ablement, direct payments) and be able to advise (and as relevant demonstrate to) clients, relatives and carers on their application, suitability and safe usage.
4 To participate in the Community Learning Disability Team’s duty service.
5 To liaise effectively and work in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations and any other relevant agencies.
6 To involve users and carers in the monitoring and evaluation of the service.
7 To recognise when there is a need for either the input of, or a case referral to an appropriately qualified health or social care professional.
8 To be conversant and act in accordance with:-
o Relevant legislation (e.g. Care Act 2014, Data Protection Act 2018, Mental Capacity Act 2005)
o RBKC and ASC policies and procedures (e.g. Safeguarding, Case Recording, Case File Management, Data Recording Requirements, Health and Safety, Lone Working)
o Local and National Change Initiatives (e.g. Personalisation Programme)
9 Develop and maintain a strong awareness of service activity including keeping up to date with the Practitioner Guideline and Adult Social Care content on the RBKC website.
10 To participate in team and service developments (representing the service as requested) disseminating information, sharing knowledge and inducting new staff, students and visitors.
11 To make full use of IT systems e.g. Mosaic, Sharepoint, Excel, recording contact with users and carers and completing other departmental records as required.
12 To accept responsibility for own supervision needs setting up regular meetings and informing the relevant manager of all matters of an urgent or complex nature, development needs, and methods of meeting those development needs.
13 To carry out the responsibilities of the job with due regard to equal opportunities, confidentiality and departmental standards
14 To undertake any other tasks and responsibilities as required to deliver the Council’s Social Services responsibilities and those appropriate to the post