Independent Conference And Reviewing Officer

Salary £41.11 - £43.31 per hour


The Independent Conference and Reviewing Officer’s role is a statutory one. Responsibility to review, monitor and quality assure services provided to children and young people by the local authority and partner agencies. 

Responsibility is to ensure that services:

- meet the child’s needs, promote their welfare and effectively safeguard them

- involve children, young people and families actively in decision making

- comply with statutory guidance and council policy

- comply with Hull Safeguarding Children’s board’s procedures and policies


Provides professional advice and guidance to assist and support other council staff and those in partner agencies to deal with complex child safeguarding matters and to achieve best practice. Undertakes mentoring and practice development  with new social work staff and students when requested.  


Training and Development

In collaboration with the HSCB and council training staff and Professional Practice Officers contributes to the develop and delivery of safeguarding training which results in safer practice for children and young people.



Supports and advises children and families to enable them to access timely and relevant advocacy services, utilise complaints procedures, legal advice or otherwise enable their human rights and entitlements to be met. Ensures that practice with children and families is non-discriminatory and meets their diverse needs (e.g. ethnic, religious and cultural needs ).



Is responsible for maintaining up to date, accurate and quality data on the children's social care data base (currently Carefirst) and any other recording systems utilised in the  role. Through the monitoring of children's plans, ensure that other staff comply with the requirement to record and maintain quality information and bring any omissions to do so to the attention of relevant managers.


Quality Assurance / Service Delivery.

Contributes to ensuring that value for money is obtained when services are purchased for children and that council resources are used efficiently and effectively to meet children's needs.


Utlising expertise, knowledge and judgement, determines if complaints should be upheld or not and makes recommendations on individual cases and for service wide corrective actions to improve services.