Independent Conference and Reviewing Manager

Location Halton
Salary £22.75 - £25.80 per hour
1. Primary Purpose
1.1 Rigorously assess the quality and effectiveness of local authority planning and support for children in care or those children subject to child protection plans.
1.2 Monitor, review and report best practice and poor practice within Children’s Services to the Lead Member for Children and Young People and the Strategic Director for Children’s Services.
1.3 Provide professional support, advice and challenge to senior members within the organisation regarding child protection processes and procedures and care planning.
1.4 Act as the responsible adult for identified children and young people who is able to challenge and question on behalf of the child the decisions and actions of the Local Authority may take with regard to care planning and support arrangements.
2. Range of Duties
2.1 Act as an independent chair for child protection conferences, children in care statutory reviews, child protection strategy meetings, professional carer reviews and any other reviews/analyses of case decisions as requested by the head of service.
2.2 Secure an integrated approach to care planning and make sure all participants are encouraged and able to participate effectively in the meeting/review taking place.
2.3 Monitor, audit and review the quality and effectiveness of assessments and plans for children and young people and the related policy and procedures.
2.4 Promote the full participation of children and their families in the child protection and children in care processes.
2.5 Make sure children young people and their families are fully informed of their rights to make representations, offer compliments and receive advocacy services.
2.6 Monitor the care and pathway plans of children in care with the aim of making sure that actions required to implement these plans are carried out and outcomes monitored.
2.7 Be involved in resolving disputes with regard to contested care planning decisions and report concerns to senior managers, the Strategic Director for Children’s Services or the Chief Executive for the Council should disputes remain unresolved.
2.8 Report unresolved disputes regarding care planning decisions to CAFCASS for resolution within the Family Court
2.9 Develop and coordinate audits of fieldwork services to provide children’s management team with information that can be used to measure performance against service and council performance indicators.
2.10 As part of quality assurance role to make sure practice complies with procedure and policy within the service area. To record and report best practice where noted and to challenge and report poor practice to relevant manager
2.11 Ensure high quality practice which is sensitive to the needs of children in the care of the local authority and children subject to child protection plans.
2.12 Contribute and offer advice to the work or inter agency and multi agency forums including Halton Safeguarding Children Board and sub groups and Children in Care Partnership Board.
2.13 Make sure appropriate advice on procedure and practice is available to other departments and agencies
2.14 Participate in and contribute to the development and delivery of both in house and inter agency learning and development activities.
2.15 Manage a team of Quality Assurance Assistants and support their Continued Professional Development.
2.16 Prepare reports for committees, sub committees, elected members and others as requested,
2.17 Make sure diversity and equality of opportunity is valued and promoted.
2.18 Make sure child protection plans and children in care statutory reviews are reviewed regularly, and in accordance with Policy and guidelines.
2.19 Use experience and expertise gained as a qualified and registered social worker to develop and encourage best practice.
2.20 Deputise for the Senior manager as and when required.