Independent Chair Safeguarding

Location Bath
Salary £43.92 - £47.00 per hour
looking for an experienced and dedicated Independent Chair. The role of Independent Chair sits within the Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Service for Children and Young People and is part of the Education and Safeguarding Directorate. The candidate will ideally have experience as an IRO and Chair of Child Protection Conferences. A large part of this role will be undertaking the duties of an IRO. The Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Service is responsible for: • The delivery of Child Protection Conferences and the oversight and review of children and young people subject to a child protection plan • The appointment of an Independent Reviewing Officer to all children placed in the care of the Local Authority • Managing allegations against a person in a position of trust, with the Local Authority Designated Officer providing oversight, advice and guidance to organisations working with children. • Monitoring the quality of practice and providing feedback and challenge in order to promote the safety and welfare of children and their families. The primary role of an Independent Chair is to ensure that the child remains central to the plans that are being made, that the wishes and feelings of children are taken into consideration and their rights recognised and respected. An Independent Chair is responsible for ensuring the plans in place for children promote their safety, meet their needs, and secures emotional, physical, and legal permanence. Under the leadership of the Deputy Lead for Safeguarding and Quality Assurance, the Independent Chair will: • Ensure that the wishes and feelings of children are heard and contribute towards the plans in place for the child and their family • Ensure multiagency work helps protect children and focuses upon the child’s lived experience • Ensure that plans for children and their families are progressing in a timely way and reaching the desired outcomes • Ensure that where children are unsafe there is timely intervention taken to safeguard them. • Ensure there is no drift and delay in planning for children. • Lead and facilitate children protection conferences and child in care reviews. • Respond to allegations against a person in a position of trust, providing advice and guidance to agencies to ensure that allegations are dealt with in accordance with local and statutory guidance. • Quality Assure social work practice and multiagency work to ensure the plans for children are leading towards desired outcomes which include stability and permanence.