Family Support Worker

Location Staffordshire
Salary £10 - £12 per hour
Ensure resources are used in the most effective and efficient way to achieve
sustained improvements to the lives of children, young people and families.
We will share information with commissioners and partners to develop effective
and efficient services.
We’ll know we have succeeded when we can provide evidence that we are
our core purpose within the resources available.

Work with children, young people and families that are at risk of their needs
escalating to a level that requires statutory intervention.
We will invest in services to prevent needs escalating and will recognise that
children’s needs are best met within their own family and community, where this
is safe to do so.
We’ll know we have succeeded when an increased proportion of children,
young people and families report improved outcomes.

Involve and engage children, young people and families in aspects of the
services that we develop and deliver.
Families First is committed to involving and engaging children and young
people, and we will ensure that our services continue to be fully responsive, that
practice is focused on children and young people’s needs and that their views
are built into the design and delivery of services from the outset.
We’ll know we have succeeded when children, young people and their families
tell us they are satisfied with our services; that they feel involved and we can
provide evidence of where we have acted on service user feedback.

Share responsibility with partners to achieve positive outcomes for children and
young people.
Working with our partners we will deliver services to children and young people
to achieve positive outcomes that respond to and meet individual and locality
We’ll know we have succeeded when we have evidence to show that shared
outcomes have been achieved.