Experienced Social Worker – Long Term Safeguarding

Location Swindon, Swindon, England
Salary £38.00 - £40.50 per hour
The team requires Social Workers with experience and skill to undertake comprehensive assessments including parenting assessments in a timely way to inform development of outcome focused care plans with Children and their Families. The team undertake care proceedings within the court, both private and public. Social Workers initiate and complete within court timescales and achieve permanency plans for children including adoption.

 Manage anallocatedcaseload appropriate totheextensive experience ofthe Experienced Social Worker,to include complex assessments of children,families and parenting and other work tomeet statutory requirements.  WorkwithinSwindonBoroughCouncil’s policies,procedures andgoodpractice guidelinesin orderto meet the needs ofthe children and families allocated.  Work with children and young people, families, carers and communities to help them make informed decisions, engender change enabling them to clarify and express their needs, and contribute to serviceplanning.  Maintain up to date case notes and otherrecords, utilising relevantIT systems, and write reports, including courtreports, and give expert evidence in court.  Undertakespecialistassessments,foryourandotherworkers’cases,forcourtproceedings, including parenting and kinship assessments.  Ensure that casework is up todate, comprehensively written up, andmanaged within agreed timescales.  Ensureyourmanageris keptfully appraised of problems arising fromcases orwork loadandtoseek advice as and when necessary.  When working withfamilies,to recognise monitor and assessrisk. To ensure information aboutriskis escalated tomanagersin a timelymanner.  Developandmaintainpositiveworkingrelationshipswithserviceusersandotherprofessionals.  Model good practice helping to setthe expectationsforothers.  Whereappropriate act asthedutyworkerfortheteamresponding toqueries andissues