Experienced Social Worker

Location Wirral, England
Salary £28.00 - £30.50 per hour
To provide and deliver professional support and supervision to Foster Carers whilst promoting the safe care and development of our foster children in order for them to achieve their full potential in terms of their physical, social, emotional and educational needs. Supervising Social Worker role responsibilities are as follows: Ability to develop and implement effective supervision plans for Foster Carers, ensuring these are implemented consistently by: • Providing supervisory visits to Foster Carers with children in placement in accordance with policies and procedures. • Ensuring Foster Carers respond to the supervision process and benefit from the supervision provided. • Undertaking additional support visits as often as is necessary. • Support Foster Carers at all professionals meetings involving our CLA. • To support Foster Carers in maintaining records as required. • To contribute to the review, development and performance of Foster Carers. • To ensure that placements are made and sustained in accordance with a child’s Care Plan and policies and procedures. • To work with the children in placement to ensure that they are not open to abuse, they feel safe and their views are heard. • Encouraging Foster Carers to ‘participate’ in the service delivery.