Early Help Family Support Worker

Location Enfield
Salary £20 - £22.20 per hour

To be eligible for the programme, families must present with concerns in two or more of the following areas: crime and anti-social behaviour, poor school attendance, worklessness or financial exclusion, domestic violence and abuse, children in need or physical or mental health problems.
We are seeking to recruit a CCS Caseworker to help support the programme. They will be holding a number of complex cases and be responsible for the coordination of parenting programmes throughout the borough, as well as being part of the duty and surgery team.
The purpose of this post is to provide a holistic assessment of families and offer single or multi-agency coordinated packages of support. The CCS Caseworker will empower families to identify and tackle challenging behaviours, reduce negative family relationships, securing a positive pathway for improvement, with emphasis upon increasing educational attendance, attainment and reduce exclusions by:
1. Working in partnership with families by listening, offering advice and guidance to develop and enhance parenting skills.
2. Delivering evidence-based parenting programmes.
3. Completing assessments using the Early Help Framework and making appropriate referrals to other services.
4. Taking on the role of the Lead Professional, co-ordinating services in the Team Around the Family (TAF) acting as the single point of contact, when required.
5. To work in partnership with relevant professionals in statutory and non-statutory organisations.
6. Supporting high risk families who do not meet the thresholds that trigger the involvement of specialist services.
7. Carrying out direct work one to one and group work, at the CCS building, within the family homes, schools and other community venues with CCS clients [Adults and Children] who may display very difficult, challenging, angry and aggressive behaviour.
8. To work with CCS Management to deliver a high-quality service to schools, partner agencies, parents/carers, their children and other members of their family, ensuring that we work towards the Troubled Families criteria.
9. To work with CCS Management to deliver all CCS plans and meet the highest standards in the Performance Management and Quality Assurance Framework.
10. Accuracy of records using a variation of different programmes and systems such as, Excel, Access, Liquid Logic, Civica etc
11. To be responsible for the delivery of efficient, comprehensive co-ordinated activities and referrals involving CCS clients with the objectives of meeting Local and National standards and within the aims and objectives of the Enfield CCS Business Plan.
12. To maintain accurate records of all activities in accordance with target objectives and national standards.
The post holder will work in partnership with the family to identify, broker and secure appropriate services to meet identified need, as well as providing direct support to the family to help improve their life chances.