Divisional Director of Nursing

Discipline Commercial

The Divisional Director of Nursing forms part of the triumvirate working with the Associate Medical Director and Divisional Director setting the strategic focus whilst supporting teams to successfully deliver the operational portfolio.   The post holder is responsible for the effectiveness of professional leadership and development of nursing within the Division and other allocated areas in order to facilitate the delivery of excellent clinical practice. The post holder may hold delegated responsibility for areas of practice from the Chief Nurse.

The post holder will be responsible for, Ensure systems and processes are in place to enable all staff to possess the right knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care.Ensure that all direct reports are supported and supervised, that each has appraisals
against objectives and individual objectives. Ensure that appraisal compliance for nursing and midwifery meets Trust performance targets.

The post holder will also have financially responsible To work in partnership with the Divisional Associate Medical Director and Divisional Director in the on-going identification and operational delivery of schemes to contribute to the Trust cost improvement programme and maintain cost effectiveness of services through ensuring and demonstrating that services are provided in the most efficient manner. To work in partnership with the Associate Medical Director and Divisional Director to ensure that nursing budgets (pay and non-pay) are managed appropriately. Work alongside the Associate Medical Director and the Divisional Director in ensuring that negotiation of business and workforce plans, service level agreements and contracts meet the needs of
services in the planning and delivery stages, undertaking action when services fall short of expected standards.

Desirable- Management qualification – NEBs, CMS, DMS etc. Some form of management qualification is highly desirable - Project management experience. - Track record of serving on a range of committees both internal and external to the organisation. - Experience of developing business cases / business planning