Day Services Co-Ordinator G8 (Social and Healthcare Unqualified)

Location Southampton, Southampton, England
Salary £17.65 - £19.85 per hour
• Contribute and/or undertake direct work with individuals, families and groups in Southampton who have hoarding behaviours or are at imminent risk of increased hoarding.
• To provide a service to assess, plan and review the need for appropriate services. Providing reports as required. Providing advice, support and information to adults.
• To assist individuals who are hoarding to access services that meet their needs.
• To support individuals in the positive choices they make that prevent them from maintaining a hoarding lifestyle.
• To reconnect individuals, where appropriate to family, friends, social networks so that they can access the most appropriate support to meet their needs.
• Commit to the protection and safeguarding adults with care and support needs and value and respect their wishes.
• To produce written evidence of outcomes achieved.
• To carry a caseload of service users with potentially complex needs. Making use of supervision and case discussion with social workers and senior practitioner.
• To assess and identify the needs of service users who hoard and assist them in acquiring skills and support required to live in independent accommodation.
• To build a relationship of trust with the service user to ensure a successful working relationship.
• To liaise closely with service users and the referring agencies to develop appropriate support plans and community links with the aim of preventing escalating hoarding behaviours.
• To attend the city wide partnership agreement for hoarders
• To work with the service user to reduce the risk of homelessness related to their hoarding behaviour.
• To have a working knowledge of all relevant local resources as an aid to the service user. To seek advice, support and maintain relationships via regular meetings and contact with key agencies.
• To work with and timely access to all appropriate services, such as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT), Community Mental Health Team, GP Services, Sub