CRT Homecare Registered Manager - Quality Assurance

Location Cardiff
Salary £27 - £29 per hour
To support the CRT Homecare Registered Manager to development and implement a quality assurance system to ensure compliance with RISCA ` and The Regulated Services (Service Providers and Responsible Individuals) (Wales) Regulations 2017

1. To take the lead in the implementation and management of quality assurance checks and audits.
2. To promote and maintain the effective use of quality assurance systems and , ensure that performance is appropriately measured against key performance indicators and that risks are identified
3. To undertake QA audits to evidence that the Social care Wales codes of practice for social care staff are implemented.
4. To work with the Registered Manager and Homecare Managers to review service documentation and ensure that it meets legislative requirements and to develop a person centered care and support plan.
5. To undertake thematic reviews for key service areas e.g. comments, compliments or complaints, reg 60 notifications medication errors etc… and develop improvement plans to address common issues identified.
1. To lead the implementation of Quality Assurance Frameworks and robust quality assurance processes across services in accordance with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, policies and procedures, national and local standards.

2. Support Senior Managers and Team Managers, by leading in the identification, of activity within Adult Services, where quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation of service provision will significantly assist service improvement in responding to needs and priorities.
3. To keep adults and families at the heart of the directorate, by developing and introducing service user feedback processes and ensuring outcomes are incorporated into service developments and processes.
4. To take lead responsibility for the collection, analysis, interpretation and appraisal of all audit and quality assurance management information and determine and ensure its publication/dissemination to relevant audiences.
5. To be responsible for ensuring that the obligatory audits are carried out, through essential monitoring, that the information gathered is analysed, interpreted, collated and reported to a variety of multi-functional audiences including the Senior Management team and the Assurance Board, and other managers and practitioners.
6. Scrutinise management information and identify areas of shortfall and excellence in service delivery and professional practice, and to determine the necessary changes required in policy and practice.
7. Provide regular evidential reports, through detailed and expert analysis as required on practice quality, using a wide ranging evidence base, with professional recommendations for necessary corrective action to influence future service delivery. Thus ensuring that quality assurance activity considers, and produces recommendations for change and development in, policy, service provision for change and development, and essential improvements in service delivery.
8. Liaise and lead practitioners and managers across differing service areas ensuring that everyone has a role to play in improving quality and developing a culture where quality assurance becomes part of everyday practice.
9. To lead on the development, organisation and management of multi-disciplinary, and multi-functional focus groups and working parties with a view to identifying and implementing specific changes in policy and practice.
10. Provide professional and constructive challenge in cases where practice can be improved or other issues that cause concern are identified which require urgent remedial attention and to inform the appropriate manager.
11. To manage and undertake rigorous quality assurance audits in teams and service areas, to identify good practice and those areas which require improvement. To make and deliver recommendations for improvements through co-ordination with team managers deliver those recommendations. Disseminate good practice across the work force.
12. Develop and promote the use of a strengths-based outcome focused approach to practice through mentoring, coaching, team meetings and the delivery of training. To develop professional working relationships with both statutory and independent agencies, to ensure effective a multi-agency approach and to represent Social Services in multi-agency forums.
13. To promote and support the effective and lawful use of data, ensuring relevant information governance requirements are in place and adhered to, providing compliance with data protection legislation, other information legislation and information security standards and practices.
14. To possess and maintain an expert understanding of outcome focused practice requirements and quality assurance frameworks
15. To directly manage and supervise the Data Quality clerks and direct their work in terms of data management and quality assurance process
16. To liaise with the consultant social worker who in turn will champion the outcomes based practice and assist with the changing of culture.
17. This position has a requirement for a Standard DBS Check.
18. Applicants should be able to pronounce Welsh personal and place-names correctly, and can give/ respond to basic greetings on the telephone or in person, or to be prepared to learn within a reasonable period.
19. To address health and safety policies and arrangements in a pro-active manner to ensure that a high standard of safe working practices are maintained
20. To actively support and implement the principles and practice of equality of opportunity as laid down in the Council’s Equalities Policy.