Childrens Social Work Team Manager - Assessment and Intervention

Location Southwark
Salary £32 - £34 per hour
Deliver personally or through leadership of others, quality outcomes for children and
families in safeguarding and care planning, ensuring standards comply with procedures,
agreed timescales and targets.
2. Ensure effective supervision to staff, both individually and in a group setting
3. Motivate and support staff to carry out their roles to the best of their ability and to the
standards required of them.
4. Positively manage and contribute to service change with the practice group and across
the service, drawing on practice information, data and research findings and by
monitoring key performance area for the group.
5. Drive continuous improvement in the quality of service delivered and in own practice and
to personally quality assure all documents for court and other formal arenas.
6. Participate in the councils performance management scheme, including the induction of
new staff.
7. Maintain own professional development and that of the team through appropriate
training and research opportunities and in conjunction with Service Manager.
8. Represent the council at multi-agency meetings when required.
9. Promote excellence in practice using evidence informed practice tested to meet local
10. Ensure that all planning, assessment and review services fully incorporates wishes of
children, families and carers.
11. Participate in the support and assessment of Assessed & Supported Year in
Employment (ASYE) Social Workers and others participating in work based routes into
social work taking the role of practice educator
12. Undertake day to day management functions, assign tasks to members of the practice
group to facilitate it’s smooth running and oversee caseloads to ensure workload is
13. Ensure that record keeping and data collection is undertaken in accordance with
departmental policy and to meet statutory requirements
14. Work directly with children, providing clear and accurate assessments of children and
his/her family’s needs in line with statutory guidance. Undertake interviews, observations
and gather information from children, families and other agencies.
15. On the basis of assessed needs and risks, devise, implement and review care plans,
including the development and management of protection plans within a child protection
16. Ensure that statutory responsibilities are undertaken including visiting children, arranging
reviews, reporting to the court, meeting timescales and any other national or local
performance targets.
17. Provide focused and purposeful social work interventions, within a systemic framework,
with explicit aims and objectives about desired outcomes within the context of managing
risk to children.
18. Organise complex information and produce comprehensive, analytic, high quality reports
which make cogent arguments based on the evidence.
19. Present complex information in writing and person in a range of settings, including with
families, foster carers, police, courts and colleagues.
20. Establish rapport and build and maintain a professional, respectful and honest
relationship with children and their families, to develop trust and assist in safeguarding
children and promoting positive and timely outcomes.
21. Maintain case records and management information on appropriate systems, ensuring
the case files of the practice group are organised and up to date.
22. Work purposefully with other agencies to promote positive outcomes and ensure an
integrated approach, which takes account of the views of other professionals.
23. Apply research knowledge of social work interventions and statutory guidance to inform
social work practice.
24. Deliver services flexibly across different parts the service (as dictated by service need)
and within homes, schools or community settings where required.