Assistant Team Manager (Mental Health)

Location Dudley
Salary £24.65 - £27.65 per hour
Description: Provide leadership and operational management to a team of Senior Social Workers, Social Workers, ASYE’s, and Assistant Care Co-ordinators, to ensure the service provided is effective, meets legisaltive requirements and delivers positive outcomes.
b) Develop working practice to deliver a streamlined and integrated service.
c) Lead and develop the expected / required positive behaviour and practice of team members and others to develop and ensure multi-disciplinary working, and high quality effective practice.
d) Lead and champion a culture of strong partnership working across all disciplines, internal and external partners, and stakeholders, at strategic and operational levels, to deliver integrated support and key strategies for people with mental health, their families and carers.
e) Place a strong emphasis on co-production to ensure the service is responsive and accountable to local people, and meets local needs.
Ensure that the service delivers effective working practices, good outcomes and high quality services, in line with all relevant legislation, statutory guidance and
Provide professional support, case management and professional social work advice based on clear rationale and advanced professional knowledge, using critical reflective skills in management practice and supervision/professional guidance in line with council policies; support staff to maintain professional and personal boundaries.
Ensure that staff with a different skill set and knowledge base to that of the Assistant Team Manager are able to access professional support, case management and other required professional guidance from the relevant senior professional.
Promote the development of multi-disciplinary working and the development of skills and knowledge in disciplines other than the individual’s key discipline
Provide and maintain expertise in specialist assessments and interventions as appropriate; maintain a well-developed understanding and knowledge relevant to your area of practice and use this to underpin decision making.
To undertake Mental Health Act Assessments (MHA 1983 as amended 2007) as the statutory duties of an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP). To participate in an AMHP Rota as required.

Work with the Team Managers to ensure there is a robust and efficient system of identifying, assessing and meeting needs, that supports timely identification, joined up working, a tell it once approach and a focus on outcomes and strengths based practice.
Be responsible for the use of workload management tools, using workload data to inform workload and risk management approaches; and work with staff to contain anxiety in relation to risk and complex situations.
Manage any delegated budgets effectively, ensuring spending is within agreed limits, timescales and provides best value for money.
Gather, analyse and review complex and /or contradictory information quickly and effectively, using it to reach informed professional decisions.
Support the effective delivery of the duty service.
Implement policies and procedures for the team’s area in line with best practice, relevant legislation, statutory guidance, and the council’s strategic priorities.
Participate in the recruitment, selection and performance management/appraisal of staff.
Investigate complaints and contribute to the response to member enquiries and FOI requests.
Implement action plans following statutory inspections, peer reviews and audits, ensuring that actions are completed within agreed timescales.
Work with and advise commissioners on planning for, and commissioning of, services based on data analysis and customer feedback, to ensure the right quality and range of services are available.
Work collaboratively with partner agencies to ensure multi-agency assessment, planning, service delivery, moitoring, evaluation and review.
Promote good quality data entry into the customer records system, to ensure good quality service information is provided to monitor and improve performance against internal and external performance indicators.
Key Accountabilities:
Manage the performance and practice quality of a designated team.
Undertake delegated budgetary responsibilities as determined by the Team Manager/Service Lead/Head of Service.
Contribute to the development of practice, policies and procedures across the Mental Health Service.
Promote innovation in practice and be an exemplar of best practice across all tiers of the workforce.
Be responsible for adhering to legislative requirements and council policies and procedures.
Have responsibility for the professional development of the team members by developing an environment that promotes learning and practice development.
Maintain confidentiality.
Establish and maintain a safe practice environment.
Be accountable for and promote equal opportunity, diversity and community cohesion to meet Council, Directorate and Service objectives. All employees have a responsibility not only for their own behaviour, but also for others regarding equality of opportunity.
Participate in personal My Annual Review and development, undertaking training programmes as appropriate.
Oversee and lead safeguarding enquiries, chairing case conferences and strategy meetings as appropriate.
Represent the LA at local, regional and national meetings, chairing Panel meetings and case conferences.
Comply with Health and Safety legislation and the Council’s Health and Safety policies.