Assistant Practitioner - Physical Disabilities

Location Southwark
Salary £17.00 - £20.10 per hour
To work with the person and other professionals as necessary in order to facilitate the stated
functions. This includes the undertaking of duty activities and proportionate assessments,
safeguarding initial contacts and investigation, the onward referral to community teams for support
provision as well as signposting and the provision of information and advice. Responsible to the
Team Manager and Senior Practitioners. To ensure that all related administrative functions are
Provision of practical assistance in terms of the provision of disability equipment and home
adaptions to clients with a physical and/ or learning disability in order to maintain their maximum
independence within the community.
1. Engage with, inform, and adapt to changing contexts that shape practice.
Operate effectively within own organisational frameworks and contribute to
the development of services and organisations. Operate effectively within
multi-agency and inter-professional settings.
2. To be responsible for the day to day interpretation and implementation of
statutory and departmental policy in the provision of casework and, if
appropriate group work or other social work service, to individuals, families
and other groups.
3. Undertake trusted assessment/provision functions to promote
independence and, where appropriate, offer access to standard
equipment, which may involve the issuing of an equipment prescription (for
redemption via a retail outlet) and delivery/fitting.
4. Use judgement and authority to intervene with individuals, families and
communities to promote independence, provide support and prevent harm,
neglect and abuse.
5. Ensure those accessing the service, including families and carers, are at
the centre of decision making over their support arrangements and that
opportunities for choice and control are optimised and reflected in their
assessments and reviews.
6. Maintain the Directorate’s records by recording assessments and other
data accordingly ensuring that all data entered meets the relevant and
stated levels of accuracy, quality and timeliness required.
7. To communicate effectively and sensitively with people and carers,
regardless of their spoken language or communication status. Adapt
communication techniques as the situation demands making best use of
Directorate informational resources and other methods of communication.
8. To assess the implications of change on people and to proactively
advocate for personalisation and people’s choice and control over their
own support needs.
9. Ensure value for money principles are applied in all areas of service
delivery in consultation with supervisor, manager and partner agencies
10. To recognise diversity and apply anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive
principles. To challenge appropriately when discrimination is in evidence.
11. To work across agencies and professional boundaries to ensure a whole
systems approach to assessment and assisting people to manage their
ongoing support needs.
12. To ensure that any information or signposting is clear and consistent with
policy and to be shared with person in need and family members as
appropriate. To be able to proactively engage the person with what the
next steps are on the customer journey.