Assessor Front door service for Adult Social care

Location Lambeth
Salary £21 per hour
  1. Front door service for Adult Social care

  1. To screen, gather information and assess adults with social care needs and / or their carers, in accordance with Adult Social Care criteria and taking into account an individual’s communication and cultural needs.
  1. To undertake visits to service users’ homes in order to carry out detailed and / or sensitive assessments, follow-ups, assist with support planning and undertake reviews.

  1. To identify and investigate appropriate resources relating to the service user’s needs.  To inform and negotiate the options with them.

  1. To assess for, design, arrange delivery / installation and review equipment / adaptations and non-complex assistive technology in line with Trusted Assessor guidelines, taking account of individual circumstances and being sensitive to client context.

  1. To fit, adjust and demonstrate safe use of equipment and assistive technology in the service user’s home where appropriate.

  1. To maintain financial awareness in relation to the delivery of equipment, minor adaptations and assistive technology with a view to value for money being delivered and to authorise expenditure up to the agreed limit.

  1. Recommend non complex adaptations for management approval and liaise with the Home Improvement Agency and Housing Associations.
  1. Applying detailed knowledge of available basic, standard equipment (e.g. rails) decide on the best option.  For the provision of specialist equipment, minor adaptations and assistive technology: in consultation with management deciding between issuing prescriptions, equipment delivery service, contractors, referral to an external agency or sign post to local retailers.
  1. To ensure that management authorisation is obtained for specialist equipment orders that are not part of the standard stock list, adaptations and / or packages of care, exceeding the financial limit assigned to the post holder.

  1. To undertake, where necessary joint assessments with other Adult Social Care and Health care professionals, and to participate in case conferences and meetings as required. 

  1. To undertake carer assessments and implement recommendations for carers as necessary.
  1. To devise packages of care, within established financial limits, and provide on-going coordination and care planning.

  1. To co-ordinate multi disciplinary social care reviews to achieve positive outcomes for service users and appropriately manage risk in partnership with relevant professionals.
  1. To work closely with providers and community services through regular reviews to monitor quality, effectiveness and ensure best value. To be responsible for monitoring through the review process the delivery of the service to users and highlighting any quality assurance and care standards issues and ensuring person centred outcomes are achieved for service users.
  1. To provide reports and written information to inform case related meetings as necessary.
  1. To ensure all financial assessments are requested as appropriate and to forward all relevant documentation as necessary.  To advise service users on the availability of benefit advice and other local services that could assist on funding, grants etc. and to give information about any likely cost of services.

  1. Understand and implement safeguarding adults issues with particular reference to the identification of safeguarding alerts / concerns and taking the appropriate action such as raising alerts, whilst working in line with any relevant policy, procedure and guidance.