Approved Mental Health Practitione

Location Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Salary £28.00 - £30.50 per hour
  • Ensure that the requirements of the Mental Health Act 1983 are met and that patient’s rights under the Act are upheld.
  • To make independent judgements relating to disposals under the MHA83, taking into account a wide range of external influences and factors
  • To present at MHA83 tribunals and b e prepared to account for decisions and judgements made whilst acting under Mental Health legislation
  • To ensure the protection of persons and safety of Service Users property throughout and following application of the MHA83
  • To be cognisant with issues relating to people from a wide diversity of backgrounds and to ensure that these are taken into account at all times.
  • To communicate with a wide range of people and in particular to communicate and deliver messages which will potentially be received in a hostile manner, which will require sensitive management.
  • To undertake to management of Mental Health Act Assessments and the management of the environment throughout potentially highly distressing, volatile, emotional, unpredictable situations.
  • To manage and take responsibility for a defined caseload and ensure full compliance with the care co-ordination, Vulnerable Adults and all other policies at all times
  • Maintain high standards of Service User care, ensuring individuality and dignity is maintained at all times, while promoting independence.
  • Ensure that each Service User in his/her care receives an individual assessment and is given a regularly updated care plan which, wherever practicable, is formulated in conjunction with the Service User and approved by their supervisor.
  • Ensure that information regarding the Service User needs and progress are communicated promptly and accurately to their relatives and to other workers involved in their care, having due regard for confidentiality.
  • Fully implement all agreed care plans and ensure that they are regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Use Behavioural Family Therapy approaches to care for appropriate Service Users.
  • Ensure that information regarding Service User needs and progress are communicated promptly and accurately to other team members involved in their care, having due regard for confidentiality.
  • Facilitate open and harmonious communications amongst staff within the team, as well as with other departments with the aim of promoting multi-disciplinary approaches to care.
  • Work as care coordinator to specified Service Users.
  • Provide information and support for carers and families.
  • Liase closely with other statutory and voluntary agencies when required.