AMHP - Adults Social Worker (Approved Mental Health Practitioner)

Location Swindon
Salary £37 - £39.60 per hour
Daytime Approved Mental Health Professional Service seeks a qualified Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) to work full time within Swindon AMHP Service.

The service operates between 9am and 5pm Mon-Thurs, and 9am and 4:30pm on Fridays.
As part of the local integrated mental health service, the service has its office within the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust (AWP) hospital site of Sandalwood Court. As such, it is well situated to respond to referrals, through purposeful discussions with co-located mental health professionals such as psychiatric nurses, consultant psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists. On the same site are Swindon Primary Care Liaison Service and Swindon Intensive Service, and the ‘open acute’ and rehabilitation wards for adults of working age.
Locally, there is extensive opportunity to work with a range of client groups, the area’s facilities including ‘functional’ and ‘organic’ wards for older adults, an acquired brain injury unit, an adolescent in-patient unit, an eating disorders unit, and a sizeable general hospital. The service also attends the health-based place of safety in Devizes to undertake assessments with Swindon residents detained under section 136 MHA.
There exists a good working relationship between Swindon AMHP service and the local AWP teams. Swindon Borough Council social workers have for many years been successfully integrated within AWP community teams, members of the AMHP workforce being situated within the adults of working age ‘Recovery’ Service and the older adults ‘Complex Intervention Service’.
The service operates with two duty AMHPs, supported by a full-time service lead, and in consultation with an AMHP working across the Primary Care Liaison and Intensive Services. Service operation is overseen by a mental health Integrated Service Lead.
The team is a small but very supportive one, all AMHPs having considerable professional experience, and confident in undertaking independent decision-making, whilst benefitting from the ready support of their colleagues.