Adoption Support Worker

Location Wirral
Salary £12 - £15 per hour
To assist in the development of adoption support services for those adopted, their
adopters and others affected by adoption, and to work alongside the Children &
Families Social Work Team to develop services to meet the needs of those involved in
the adoption process.

1. Support the development of the Adoption Agenda and improve support to children
and young people with a plan for Adoption.
2. Undertake the day-to-day responsibilities delegated by the adoption support
services advisor as identified in the Guidance and Regulations.
3. Undertake and review assessments of need for adoption support services as
appropriate and in accordance with the Regulations.
4. Manage and co-ordinate indirect contact through the Information Exchange Letter
Box System, and direct contact with birth families, including facilitating contact
arrangements between adopted children and their birth parents, providing advice
and support for adoptive families pre and post adoption order and supporting the
Senior Practitioner in adopters’ support groups and social events.
5. Assist in the development and delivery of adoption training events
6. Develop support groups locally for those adopted and their adopted children
7. Establish and maintain links with appropriate agencies, voluntary groups,
organisations and initiatives in order to develop the post adoption service
8. Work alongside Children’s Social Care teams to support the appropriate planning
for and support of children, their families and carers including adopters
9. Carry out administrative tasks as required and ensure Service Users’
data/information and records are accurate, up to date, and kept in accordance with
the requirements of the appropriate legislation and procedures.