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Support & wellbeing

Support & Wellbeing with Day Webster

Here at Day Webster we are always looking at ways we can support our staff, therefore, we have implemented a service for support and well-being, this is mainly aimed at those staff who have had concerns raised against them in relation to their practise. We offer the support they may need to get through a worrying time. This service offers an integrated approach to
work with those staff.

Our Clinical Leads for this part of the service have extensive knowledge and experience and are well versed in the NMC code.  They support staff with statement writing, identifying insight and learning from the concerns raised, whether it be reflecting on behaviour and practice, or needing to update skills and knowledge. Any training needs or relevant courses that are identified are provided or externally sourced.

We have had positive feedback from those staff who have accessed this service and we believe that through insight, reflection and re-education we are able to provide an all-round service to our staff.

If you have any concerns or have had a concern raised against you, please contact the or telephone 0208 498 6800