Case Study

The Wye Valley NHS Trust introduced Day Webster Managed Services in September 2017 to remove off framework and high cost agency nurse supply.

The Wye Valley NHS Trust is the provider of healthcare services at Hereford County Hospital, which is based in the city of Hereford, along with several community services for Herefordshire and its borders. To ensure service continuity, high quality patient services at all times and patient safety, the Wye Valley NHS Trust utilise nursing agency support across the Trust.

The Trust had a desired target to save £1.6 million during the new financial year for 2017/18 with agency nursing spend included. Engaging with Day Webster in September 2017, Wye Valley tasked us to remove high cost off-framework agency nursing supply and work in partnership to deliver a sustainable cost improvement plan whilst keeping patient safety at the forefront of service delivery.

Prior to September 2017 38% of Wye Valley’s nursing agency spend was through off framework/high cost agencies such as Fast Response and Thornbury. The Trust spend was more than £9 million and they used over 15 individual agencies with varying rates for the same staff band and shift rules. In July 2017 the Trust’s agency spend as a percentage of the overall pay bill had increased from 9.1% to 10.7% against a target of 7.4%

The Day Webster Nursing Master Vend solution went live with the Trust on the 4th September with no prior supply or presence.

At the end of the first week, Day Webster filled 78% through a compliant framework mechanism. With rate harmonisation and full control across the hospital and community sites. By the end of month 1 post go live the average fill rates were 85% and the off-framework usage had reduced to less than 5%

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