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Five tips for a successful student nurse placement

Posted on August 2023 By Aaliyah Borgia

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Placements are an unavoidable part of a nursing degree, they provide a platform for development, and on-the-job learning as well as enhancing a student nurse's career. In addition to enhancing a student’s skill level, it also encourages future employers and aids the recruitment process.

Although placements are rewarding we are also aware that they can be very challenging. As a result of this, we thought we would share some tips to encourage a successful placement.

Be proactive and learn continuously:

Having a good attitude to learning is a good way to stay fully engaged with learning and remain enthusiastic throughout your shift. By asking questions, communicating with other industry professionals, and researching your subject area you will automatically be more encouraged to learn new skills and procedures.


Nursing is a collaborative industry. It is important to keep a good line of communication with other individuals such as nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. This not only will increase your skill level, but it will also encourage a positive atmosphere.

Request feedback:

Seeking constructive feedback from your clinical instructors and other healthcare professionals is vital for self-improvement. Seeking constructive feedback will enhance your performance and assist with professional growth.

Time management:

Ensuring you have good time management is crucial to having a successful placement. Not only does it show levels of professionalism it also will ensure that you begin your shift on a positive note. This will also keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Be flexible with your shifts:

Allowing flexibility with your shifts will give you a realistic idea of what your shift pattern will be when you’re a fully qualified nurse. Although you will not like every shift you will be placed on, it is a good idea to experience them all before you’re qualified.

Remember that every placement is a chance to learn and grow as a future nurse. Approach each day with enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute positively to patient care and the healthcare team.