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Tens of thousands of people signed up for a career in the NHS

Posted on September 2022 By Aaliyah Borgia

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Thousands of new healthcare professionals are prepared to join the NHS as new staff following a successful recruitment drive across England.

Since the beginning of February 2022, NHS trusts across the country have reported that an estimated 35,000 job offers have been made, with almost over 25,000 already starting as healthcare support workers. 9,000 being new to the healthcare profession.

Recruitment campaigns were launched in collaboration with hiring platforms and several popular hiring sites across the country.

Healthcare support workers will continue to part take in hundreds of vital roles within the NHS, ensuring they continue to support patients throughout their treatments, assisting nurses and other healthcare professionals.

The chief executive of the NHS Amanda Pritchard embraced new recruiters and said they will be the “heart of wards, clinics and local communities.” New staff will ensure they continue to support existing NHS staff caring for numerous patients every day of the week.

The NHS has already put in place steps to make certain they are prepared for the winter months approaching us. This includes boosting bed capacity throughout the hospitals as well as, increasing the number of call handlers working in the NHS 999 and 111.

Amanda Pritchard also stated that “It has never been easier to join the NHS team, so whether you’re looking for a career change or just starting out, I would encourage you to look for an event in your area or search ‘NHS careers’ today as thousands of people have done over the last few months.”

The Health and Social Care secretary Steve Barclay supported that statement saying, “Boosting domestic and international recruitment is vital for our efforts to prepare the NHS for what could be a challenging winter ahead, while we work at pace to bust the COVID backlogs.”

“Thanks to a nationwide recruitment drive, the NHS is already benefiting from an additional 25,000 healthcare support workers who will ensure patients get the care they deserve and help existing staff to deliver more rapid and effective treatments across our health system in roles such as nursing assistants, theatre support workers and maternity support workers.

“A career in health can be incredibly rewarding, and I would encourage anyone who is interested to search ‘NHS careers’ to find out more about opportunities in their area”.