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Children’s hospice introduces new nursing role for those transitioning into adulthood

Posted on March 2022 By Jamie Southwell

Lee Gramham, Mental Health Nurse

​A new nursing title has been brought in at a children’s hospice in Lancashire to assist with the transition of child to adult facilities for young people.

Former mental health nurse, Lee Graham, took on the role at Derian House Children’s Hospice as the first ‘Transition Nurse’ with aims of making it easier for children to prepare into adulthood.

Due to limitations, the hospice is only able to facilitate those with lifelong or limiting conditions until 26 years old, which is when they will be required to move into adult services.

However, a partnership was formed between Charity Life NoW and Derian House three years ago in an attempt to support those leaving the hospice by bringing in Shelly Baron, a support worker with the purpose of ensuring any challenges that come with the transition into older care are overcome.

Lee has now been able to join Shelly as of last month, taking on close to 20 people at a time with his background and training in nursing to help over a two year period from when a patient hits the age of 26.

Lee Graham, Mental Health Nurse Holding Patient.
Lee Graham, Former Mental Health Nurse, pictured above​

When discussing his new nursing opportunity, Mr Graham said “I’ve only been in the role for a month but I already feel like I’m making a difference.

“I make sure our young people have support outside of Derian House once they turn 26, which is vital for their future and wellbeing.”

The purpose of this assistance is to ease the process as previously there was a “big gap” in what young people or their families were able to do to receive similar support to before they had to depart from Derian House.

Lee added it had been “upsetting because there is nothing much more they can do but, with this transition service we have got an extra two years to make that difference”.

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