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Popstar Ed Sheeran personally thanks NHS nurse for her help during the pandemic.

Posted on December 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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​The musical superstar Ed Sheeran gave a personal thank you to an NHS nurse as part of a project to pay tribute to key workers for their help throughout the Covid pandemic.

In collaboration with BBC Local Radio, the two time Grammy award winner teamed up alongside Rod Steward and Duran Duran to show appreciation for a variety of key workers going the additional mile in their respective field of work.

During the latest edition, Kirstie Hill an NHS intensive care nurse from Leicester, had the opportunity to speak with the pop sensation Ed Sheeran to discuss everything she has done across the course of lockdowns.

Kirstie mentioned on the radio show, how comforting her fellow NHS staff at the Leicester Royal Infirmary with hugs and support brought “a bit of humanisation to it all” despite having to wear full PPE gear constantly.

​Kirstie Hill, NHS nurse from Leicester, pictured above

As well as her boosting the morale of her healthcare colleagues spirits, she has also raised awareness, signposted staff, raised money for charity, been a listening ear, an advocate, and a voice.

When continuing to speak with the Suffolk singer, they spoke about what else the two had learnt during the pandemic. Hill told them she learnt how to crochet.

Ed replied saying “We had a baby during lockdown and I spent my time reading books and preparing for being a father. I learnt carpentry and built a cot out of cherrywood and when Lyra was born it was about learning how to be a good dad.

He added “The thing about being a first-time dad is that no one knows what their doing at the beginning. I spoke to my friend who is a dad and he likened being a parent to ducks on a pond, so calm on top but underneath, the legs are frantic.”

The episode is set to air on BBC Local Radio stations on 09:00GMT between Monday the 27th and Friday the 31st of December, where you can watch the full discussion.