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Green light for standardised NHS uniforms

Posted on September 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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​Official go-ahead given for new standardised NHS uniforms after a survey, conducted earlier in the year, received a position reception on the matter.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals will be set to see the rollout of an official uniform for each selective role, with the feedback from the NHS Supply Chain resulting in an 82% approval rate of the idea.

The plan is to distinguish professions through colour of the uniform across the country rather than to each unique NHS Trust.

Out of the total 50,710 nurses who took part in the survey, 88% of those favoured the idea for clinical NHS staff.

Whereas 83% of everyone involved agreed it should be mandatory for all NHS Trusts to abide to the introduction of outfits, as opposed to being able to opt-out.

The overall results concluded that 82% of all nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants, doctors, and other healthcare staff, were in agreement to the national uniform proposal.

Ruth May, the Chief Nursing Officer for England spoke about the topic, saying “Patients have told us that contact with several NHS professionals can sometimes feel confusing.”

“So I’m pleased that there is support for a standardised uniform for NHS staff working in clinical roles in England, which will help patients and the public easily identify which nursing, midwifery or care professional is providing their care.”

Finishing with her statement, she noted “I look forward to the next stage which will see continued engagement across the NHS,”.

The choice of outfit that received the most backing was found to be the smart scrub, having 49% of all those involved choosing it and 51% of nurses in agreement.

As well as the regular garments, a dress version as an option was supported with 72% of all the healthcare professionals.

The previous arrangement with each selective NHS Trust having a different uniform found the general consensus of those who took part in the survey to agree that patients and guests were confused as to who is who.

Production on the design of the outfits is now underway revealed NHS Supply Chain, with the final design being reviewed by healthcare staff.

A report regarding the results said “Considering all the consultation results concerning patients and visitors together, it is clear that a uniform is very important in helping patients and visitors identify appropriate healthcare professionals,”

“The current situation of multiple uniforms often causes confusion, and the adoption of a single national approach would be of benefit to patients and visitors,”.