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Government allocates additional £5.4 billion budget to NHS in COVID-19 response

Posted on September 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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The government announces an additional immediate budget increase for the NHS of £5.4 billion in an attempt to cover the costs from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With treatment backlogs and the battle against the virus continuing in the UK, extra funding will be given to support the NHS and manage the ‘immediate pressures’ faced.

The £5.4 billion will be divided with £1 billion set aside to tackle the pandemic backlog, £2.8 billion for infection control measures, £478 million towards the hospital discharge programme, and the remaining undeclared according to the Department of Health and Social Care.

Sajid Javid, the Health and Social Care Secretary spoke about the matter. He said, “Today’s additional £5.4 billion funding over the next 6 months is critical to ensuring the health service has what it needs to manage the ongoing pandemic and helping to tackle waiting lists”.

Continuing he added, “We know waiting lists will get worse before they get better as people come forward for help, and I want to reassure you the NHS is open, and we are doing what we can to support the NHS to deliver routine operations and treatment to patients across the country”.

These budget rises arrive following a record-breaking amount of waiting lists for routine hospital treatments and a dangerous demand for emergency services seen during this summer, causing immense pressure on healthcare workers.

Boris Johnson noted in a statement, saying “The NHS was there for us during the pandemic — but treating Covid patients has created huge backlogs,”

“This funding will go straight to the frontline, to provide more patients with the treatments they need but aren’t getting quickly enough.”

During the start of September, the number of cases began at 42,405 on the 1st which has seen an increase of 21,926 when compared to the 1st of August.

The additional funds are expected to help combat the gradual rise over the next 6 months, aiming to avoid another lockdown according to the Prime Minister.

A press conference is set to take place tonight to address the social care tax rise and break down the NHS revenue budgets for coming years so be sure to check our page later tonight for updates!