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4% pay rise for NHS Scotland healthcare staff.

Posted on March 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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A pay rise of at least 4% is to be expected for NHS Scotland staff, earning healthcare workers an estimated extra £1,200 per year. Giving the rightfully deserved respect to the country's NHS heroes of Scotland says First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

The Scottish Government confirmed the pay rise of 4% for healthcare workers last week in Scottish parliament. Set to benefit over 154,000 NHS professionals working for NHS Scotland under the Agenda for Change system, which is the national pay system for all of the country's NHS staff.

Those included are Nurses, Paramedics, Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Support Staff, Porters, and other frontline workers; with the exception of Doctors, Dentists, and most Senior Managers.

Being the biggest single year increase in pay for NHS staff since devolution, the pay rise will ensure staff on bands 1 to 7 will receive a minimum of 4% when compared to previous years. Allowing NHS Scotland staff on the lowest rates on the Agenda for Change pay system to see a 5.4% increase.

Following from the previously announced £500 bonus given to the NHS Scotland healthcare and social care staff for their efforts in the coronavirus pandemic, which NHS Wales committed to a similar benefit. Pay settlements will be backdated to December 2020 in recognition for the exceptional year and immense pressure put on workers.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman spoke about the pay rise, saying “Following positive discussions with NHS unions and employees the Scottish Government has put forward an offer of the biggest single pay uplift since devolution for NHS Agenda for Change staff."

“Over 154,000 staff would benefit from this rise, which would see the average pay of an front line NHS Nurse rise by over £1,200 a year. This deal also includes support staff such as domestic staff, porters and health care support workers, the backbone of our services, who would see pay rises of over £1,000 – uplifts of between 4% - 5.4%. The uplift will be backdated from 1 December 2020, rather than the usual 1 April 2021, meaning all those covered by the deal will receive an extra benefit."

“This has been an exceptionally challenging year for our health service and I am pleased that the Scottish Government is able to recognise the service and dedication of our healthcare staff.”​