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Key points: Tomorrow will be a good day

Posted on February 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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Following the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore last night, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is presenting tonight's press briefing with England's Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Chris Whitty.

Key points from the conference:

  • The Prime Minister honours the death of and praises the accomplishments of Sir Tom who was "achieving more in his 100th year than perhaps any centenarian in our history".

  • Over 10 million vaccinations now delivered in the United Kingdom. Including the most 90% of those aged 75 and over in England.

  • "With every jab and every day, we have more evidence about the effectiveness of these vaccines", says Boris Johnson.

  • New research from Oxford University suggests the protection provided by the first dosage of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is effective after a three week period, lasting up until the booster shot received after three months. Additionally, the vaccine appears likely to reduce transmissions to others.

  • Boris Johnson plans to release 'roadmap' by 22nd of February for moving forward with the reopening of schools and other facilities.

  • Today's statistics are at an "alarmingly high" 1,322 deaths and 19,202 cases in the last 24 hours.

  • The Prime Minister requests the nation clap together for Captain Sir Tom Moore tonight at 06:00pm. He states "let's clap for the spirit of optimism that he stood for" and "all those he campaigned for".

  • Finally, the Prime Minister cites the words of Sir Tom with "tomorrow will be a good day."

  • Prof. Chris Whitty begins to speak about the figures shown. The number of cases are "now going down steadily" he says. Provided in the graphs below.

  • Further vaccination results are shown as "steadily increasing". Provided in the graphs below.

  • The press conference was endly shortly tonight in order to allow time for the public to clap.​

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