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Key points: 13 Million Jabs

Posted on February 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, presented tonight's press briefing. He was joined by Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance.

Key points from the conference:

  • The briefing begins with the reminder it has been five weeks since the target goal for 15 million vaccinations was initially set out, as of today a total of 13 million people have received their vaccines. However, even with "great strides" being made, there are still those not taking their vaccine offers says Boris Johnson.

  • He continues to encourage those eligible to get the jab to either apply online or simply call 119. If you are able to receive the jab but, have not received a letter stating you can do so, contact your employer informs Johnson.

  • Roadmap is still set to come out in the next two weeks which will detail out the return to normality.

  • Boris Johnson issues out a thank you to everyone who's helping out such as those digging out snowed in vaccinations centres like the Alwoodley Medical Centre in Leeds last Saturday.

  • Sir Patrick Vallance talks next to go through the slides. He says the peak in January is now dropping to "lower numbers". Provided in the graphs below.

  • "Expect this to come down further" continues the Chief Scientific Adviser, when referring to positive cases in the Office for National Statistics survey which shows a collection of cases throughout communities in the country. Provided in the graphs below.

  • Questions are asked afterwards, James from Uxbridge inquired about the possibility of lateral flow tests being used to allow more people to attend weddings. Boris Johnson responded by sharing his advocacy for the lateral flow tests and he thinks they will be good as an "additional safeguard" when the economy starts to return. Vallance adds the tests have a place in picking up cases in situations where you would not otherwise detect.

  • Laura Kuenssberg from the BBC asks about booking summer holidays following warnings from the Transport Secretary earlier. The Prime Minister expresses it is "illegal to go on holiday, that is the state of play", but more details will be brought forward regarding plans in the roadmap.

  • Lastly, Laura brings up the possibility of the Bristol variant being more transmissible. To which Vallance replies by saying it appears to look different and our scientists will "keep on top of it".

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