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Prime Minister Announces National Lockdown

Posted on January 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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​The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, addressed the nation tonight as he announced the country will be entering into lockdown starting from this evening. A decision made after cases have been expeditiously increasing due to the new Coronavirus variant.

"No doubt that in fighting the old variant of the virus, our collective efforts were working and would have continued to work." says Johnson to reassure the public our efforts were not wasted. Unfortunately the new strain is moving at an 'alarming and frustrating' rate so new measures must be put into place to combat the spread which scientists have confirmed to be between 50% to 70% more transmissible.

Hospitals are at an all time high amount of pressure from the virus than anytime since the start of the pandemic. From last week, the number of patients in hospitals in England has increased by nearly 33% to a total close of 27,000. A figure which is 40% higher than the first peak in April the Prime Minister adds.

The number of deaths is also up by 20% since last week and is sadly going to climb higher. Johnson finishes on the statistics with "My thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones."

All must now stay at home with the following being exempt:

  • For shopping strictly for essentials only, examples being food, medicines, etc.

  • For work if you don't have the capability of doing so from home, examples being construction workers, key workers, etc.

  • For providing care to those who need it and assisting the vulnerable.

  • For exercise, strictly once per day locally, with either one other person from outside your bubble or multiple with those in your bubble.

  • For healthcare appointments or healthcare treatment.

  • For those in danger of domestic abuse.

Individuals who are clinically vulnerable should be shielding again, if it affects you, a letter will be sent to you soon with advice on how to best do so.

Finally, the Prime Minister declares schools will be now moving to remote learning from tomorrow, with exceptions of vulnerable children and children of key workers. Included are primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges. He added that nurseries will however remain open with childcare and support bubbles in place for protection.

Cases are still continuing rising with today being the highest amount so far at 58,784 people testing positive.

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