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Key points: Increase In Fines

Posted on January 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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Government introduces new fines during tonight's press briefing, which was held by Home Sectary, Priti Patel. She was joined by Chair of the National Police Chief's Council, Martin Hewitt, and Regional Medical Director for London, Dr Vin Diwakar.

Key points from the conference:

  • The Home Sectary begins the briefing by commending the "fantastic" vaccine rollout saying "the brilliant NHS has been vaccinating people at the rate of 200 jabs per minute." With a total of nearly 5 millionpeople having received the vaccine so far.

  • Priti proceeds by disapproving of any misinformation spread targeting those from ethic minority backgrounds. She says "I urge everyone across our wonderfully diverse country to get the vaccine when their turns comes to keep us all safe."

  • Continuing with the statistics, Priti informs us there have been 1,290 death since yesterday and that these numbers reflect the 'grip of a pandemic'.

  • Newly announced £800 fines for those attending house parties of more than 15 confirms the Home Sectary. Doubling for each repeat offence up to £6,400 and organisers will still be fined the original amount of £10,000. She warns those who do not follow the rules stating 'the police will enforce them'.

  • Priti then praises "the commitment and courage shown by our emergency services".

  • The Police Chief takes over and starts off by welcoming today's fining regulation. Claiming the events are 'dangerous, irresponsible, and acceptable'.

  • Official figures will be released next week containing the figures of how many fines have been issued since the start of lockdown.

  • Dr Vin Diwakar is the last person to speak, answering a question by saying the government is continuing to monitor for new variants of the virus.

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