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Key points: 6.6 Million Jabs

Posted on January 2021 By Jamie Southwell

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The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, hosted tonight's press briefing. He was accompanied by Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, Jenny Harries, and the Chief Medical Adviser, Dr. Susan Hopkins.

Key points from the conference:

  • Matt Hancock updates us on the latest statistics with 37,258 positive cases on average each day for the last week. He warns of the "intense pressure" the NHS is under right now and a further 592 deaths today.

  • A special thank you is given to ambulance service staff throughout the country who worked over the weekend to help the Scottish ambulance service in response to a request for assistance.

  • "Early signs the actions we are taking, are working" says Hancock as cases in certain parts of the country are beginning to drop.

  • As of last night 78.8% of all over 80's have now received the vaccination, but we are still limited by the "tight" supply of vaccines. Overall 6.6 million people have received the jab with 2.4 million in the last week.

  • 33 large scale vaccination centres opened today, including Blackpool Winter Gardens, Black Country Living Museum, and London's Francis Crick Institute.

  • The Health Secretary reminds the "rules still apply" to those who have already received the jab.

  • Dr. Susan Hopkins talks next when answering questions. She says "1/10 people having immunity is far away from where we need to be" in reference to herd immunity.

  • Tests are being run using the vaccines against the South African strain says Hopkins.

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