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Day 78: Key points from today's conference

Posted on June 2020 By Aaron Liffen

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Today's daily government coronavirus conference was led by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, joined by Prof John Newton, who's responsible for the UK's testing programme. The briefing comes on a day where further changes to lockdown restrictions take place, including the return of schools for many across the country.

Hancock says there were a total of 7,541 people in hospital as of yesterday being treated for COVID-19. He adds that a total of 39,045 people have now died with coronavirus in all settings. The number of deaths recorded on Sunday was 111, the lowest figure since lockdown began in March.

Key points to take away from today's speech are:

  • Hancock: It's incredibly important for anybody who has symptoms of coronavirus to get a test. It's by people coming forward to get the test that we're able to identify those who have got the virus and trace the virus and control it.

  • Hancock: 128,437 tests were carried out in the UK yesterday, 4.48 million total. The health secretary says capacity stands at 206,444 tests.

  • Hancock: 1,570 cases confirmed in the latest figures, the lowest number since 25 March. This shows that we've seen continued downward progress in the number of cases.

  • The health secretary says the government has put in place an "unprecedented" amount of support for businesses and employees. Hancock adds that the economy is going to "have to change as we come out of this" and you'll hear more from the chancellor and prime minister in the months to come.

  • The health secretary says shielding is "still very important" and the change allowing people to go outside once a day was based on clinical advice. He describes it as a "small step", but a "very positive step for those who have been shielding".

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