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United Lincolnshire Trust issues statement to staff

Posted on April 2020 By Jamie Southwell

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We have received a statement from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust regarding working amidst the coronavirus crisis, and personal protective equipment, which we were informed of as being delivered at a "record quantity" for frontline staff during last night's press conference.

Below is what was issued towards all working healthcare staff:​

'In recognition of the heightening anxiety and changes in the clinical situation, we want to change the application of PPE by moving to a place-based model, we don't want to change what PPE we use, we want to change when we use PPE. The biggest amount of anxiety comes from those patients who we are uncertain on whether they have contracted the COVID-19 virus or not, they may not be displaying the typical signs and symptoms, yet we have a suspicion they may now have the virus.

From today we should, and we will work through this with you over the day, treat everyone as a suspected COVID-19 paitent. This means when we enter any clinical area, as a minimum we should wear a form of fluid protection, a surgical mask, and in the main areas where we don't cohort patients, still continue to wear the PPE gear for a further 40 mins.'

​Correct use of PPE when using a fluid shield, and a surgical face mask.

In summary this means nurses, doctors, and other important staff in the health and social care sector working at the ULHT will be required to address all patients from now as possible coronavirus carriers, and wear PPE at almost all times of the day except for 40mins outside of contact. This is something we could possibly see for all NHS trusts moving forward, as the government announced they were able to successfully ship 45 million pieces of protective equipment over the last 24 hours, including 5 millions aprons and 6 million surgical masks.

It's still advised that the general public should not waste such equipment unless necessary and the World Health Organisation (WHO)'s has issued their current stance on the matter by saying the types of people that should be wearing face masks are those who are sick and show symptons, and those caring for people suspected of having the coronavirus.

Other such things protecting against the coronavirus are gloves, aprons, and goggles, but more extreme equipment will be required in certain situations.

For more information about COVID-19 visit: