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Heroic daughter saves dad from heart attack

Posted on January 2020 By James Southwell

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Kevin Holburn, 60, pictured in the middle, with his children Dan, 13, pictured on the right, and Ali, 15, pictured on the left

​15-year-old Ali was being driven home from school by her dad when she noticed him going into cardiac arrest and performed CPR to save him.

Kevin Holburn, 60, was driving his daughter Ali, 15, and son Dan, 13, home from school when he began to feel a heartburn like pain whilst coming towards a set of traffic lights. When their car pulled up at the red light, Mr. Holburn had fallen into cardiac arrest and was slumped over the steering wheel with no ability to move.
Despite being taught only weeks prior, Ali was able to properly perform the CPR techniques on her dad in his car seat and when the moment arrived, she was able to call 999.

Kevin recovering in hospital

Alongside calling emergency services, Ali was able to flag down another driver to help in removing her dad from their camper van and the both of them performed CPR until an ambulance arrived. Paramedics pronounced her dad dead for a total of 35 minutes before they were able to revive him with the use of a defibrillator. Once arriving at the hospital, Kevin had to have a stent put in and remained in a coma for two days but upon waking up, he had no recollection of the incident which had taken place on January 15th.

Doctors have said he is set to make a full recovery and that if not for his daughter, he could have died. Even though he has no memory of the events, Mr. Holburn, who runs an electrical engineering firm in Poole, said ‘Without my two children having done what they did, I wouldn’t be here’.
His daughter Ali described the event as ‘overwhelming’ but it was important for her to ‘keep it all together’.

Kevin proud of his two children

It will be compulsory for all state schools to learn CPR training from September moving forward.