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We raised £1,000 for Brookfield House School

Posted on October 2019 By Aaron Liffen

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What is going on and who is taking part?

Michael, Elaine, Emily, Georgia, Josh, Scott, Sophie, Brad, Cat, Charlie and Tom are taking part in "Nuclear Blast" this September, an endurance challenge where the aim is to get as far as possible across ditches, bogs, slides, monkey bars and countless other soaking wet escapades within a two hour time period. To find out more, follow their link below:


Brookfield House School provides education, care and support for pupils aged 2-19 with a range of special needs and disabilities.

They are currently trying to raise £10,000 to build a playground with a range of accessible play equipment. Learning through play is a vital part of any pupil's development and Brookfield House currently only have a large empty space as their school playground.

At Day Webster, our mission for 2019/20 is to provide that level of funding to make this happen.

With your support we can help make their playground something to be proud of, making a significant positive impact on the lives of Brookfield children.