On the go internet signals for NHS Ambulances!

Posted on September 2019 By Jamie Southwell

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Samsung and O2 have announced that they’re planning to deliver efficient 5G on the go internet connections to NHS ambulances. A deal is set to take place later this month which will involve O2 providing simulated 5G connectivity for NHS smart ambulances. These smart ambulances are going to have built in real time video conferencing capabilities, alongside a numerous amount of other ground breaking technological features.

The phone networking giant is planning to test the waters by incorporating 5G technology into 6 different NHS ambulances, they’ll be determining whether it works or not on The Millbrook vehicle test centre. Having set their sights on bringing forward this technology into the National Health Service since last year when they conducted research and found out that 5G video conferencing can potentially free up over one million hours per year for the NHS.
5G technology is a massive upgrade in both download speed and upload speed, it’s 100 times faster than regular 4G so it’s no doubt that they’ll be access the patient whilst inside the vehicle in as best quality as possible without any throttle.

This isn’t a just a two man job though, it’s part of an ongoing project referred to as The AutoAir project and it’ll also be including Visionable’s video collaboration software and Launchcloud’s asset tracking and compliance checks. The end goal is being able to utilise this mobile tech and have an on the go consultation room at the ready whenever needed in case of emergency scenarios where a second opinion is needed there and then.

Derek McManus, the COO of O2 has gone on to talk about his company’s involvement with this by saying ‘The increasing pressure on our healthcare service isn’t a secret. Healthcare is one of the areas set to benefit the most from 5G technology, with faster, more effective treatment, and significant efficiency savings. That’s our reason for supporting the Smart Ambulance trials.’

It’s clear that O2 have strong ambitions for this project and we should be able to see the benefits of 5G in use as early as 2020 if things go according to plan.